Octiga’s Board and Management Team

Our global leadership team sits at the heart of Octiga. Leaders boast a wealth of knowledge about cybersecurity, Microsoft 365 security settings and breach monitoring; MSPs and MSSPs, marketing and sales. Octiga’s leaders are based in Ireland, USA, UK, Australia.

Rob McFeely, PhD

CEO and Co-Founder

Rob McFe

Rob loves identifying and solving technical problems…which is hardly a surprise given he has a PhD in Image Processing and a B Eng. in Computer and Electronic Engineering from NUIG.

Rob noticed that, if not configured, maintained and monitored correctly, Microsoft Office 365 security and compliance poses a significant risk to businesses. It’s intrinsically linked to their data and employees, devices, processes, email, sharing, data storage and remote access. Rob recognized that this is a huge surface risk to cover for MSPs who are trying to manage multi-tenant security.

Helpfully, Rob already had 10 years of enterprise software development experience gained with Hewlett Packard and Bluetree Systems. This included learning how to bring new enterprise platforms to market.  Octiga was born.

Rob’s a Donegal native but lives in Galway so he can sail to his satisfaction.  You’ll like the cut of his jib!

Sash Vasilevski

Co-Founder & Cybersecurity Expert

Sash Vasilevski

Sash has over 30 years of experience in technical and engineering roles, consulting, and business leadership. His focus for the past 20 years has been cyber security and ensuring this is aligned with business strategy and objectives. Sash advises boards and senior leadership teams on how to align cyber security with business objectives.

He has strengths in translating complex technical risk into a form that can be digested and actioned by senior leaders. It was translating the complex technical configuration of Microsoft 365 into an easily digestable form for MSPs that inspired the formation of Octiga.

Sash runs a specialist cyber security firm in Australia, delivering consulting services, engineering capability, technical assurance testing, incident response and a 24x7 security operations centre, and this experience is leveraged in Sash's role of industry advisor to Octiga.

When not protecting his clients from cyber threats, Sash will be running, reading, or travelling.

Richard Dunn

Chief Technical Officer

Richard Dunn

Richard graduated from University of Galway with an Honors Degree in Computer Science, and brings 9 years of industry experience to Octiga.Richard has spearheaded projects in ISP network orchestration, fintech, blockchain, and cyber security.

Richard's the epitome of a “full-stack” engineer, he has only ever designed software projects in their entirety. This is particularly valuable for
Octiga where the 'end to end' of multi-tenante Microsoft 365 security is so critical.

An avid photographer, Richard enjoys shooting both digital and film. He also tries to plant about 100 trees a year, which, with upkeep, is a
full-time hobby.

Joel Montgomery

Board Director

Joel Montgomery

Joel Montgomery has over 25 years of expertise in the IT industry, serving in sales and marketing leadership roles with a particular emphasis on collaborating with MSPs.

In 2009, he established a channel marketing firm dedicated to fostering MSP growth through digital lead generation. Joel successfully expanded his business into the US, Europe, and Asia, partnering with over 3,000 MSPs. Following the sale of his firm in 2021, Joel now supports Octiga in a board role during its pivotal scale-up phase. His extensive understanding of sales strategies and market dynamics is crucial as Octiga seeks to supercharge growth and expand globally.

Michael Heldebrandt

EVP, Country Manager, North America

Michael Heldebrandt

Michael Heldebrandt leads our North American sales office. Michael’s expertise spans growing global startups to leading marketing for Fortune 50 companies in Information Technology, SaaS, Logistics and Education industries. He spent the past decade working closely with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to support their growth while at Dell and then at OneAffiniti (now Extu).

Michael noted Octiga’s strong growth in Europe prompting him to explore how North American based MSPs manage multi-tenant Microsoft 365 security. Result? There’s a big need for Octiga. He’s now reaching out to MSPs to help them improve workload efficiency while delivering the highest levels of M365 security for their clients.

Colin Wright

Channel Sales Director, EMEA & APAC

Colin Wright

Colin Wright leads our EMEA & APAC Channel Sales relationships. Colin’s an entrepreneurial powerhouse with 30 years of experience within the Global Software space, covering Sales, Marketing, Alliances, and Operations. He brings Octiga his unique blend of entrepreneurial spirit, strategic vision, and operational excellence.

Colin’s been instrumental in scaling many software organisations in EMEA and APAC regions. It’s Colin’s role to ensure that MSPs can access Octiga. To this end, his focus is building channel relationships that can widen availability of Octiga to MSPs and MSSPs.
Colin’s heavily into the engineering side of motorsport in his spare time. If you need a race engine in karting, then Colin’s your man.

Alan Thorpe

Chief Sales & Marketing Architect

Alan Thorpe

Alan works alongside Rob, Michael, Colin and their teams to build Octiga’s brand awareness plus generate and convert leads. Alan loves being at the pointy end of business – marketing and sales. What gets him excited is taking groundbreaking technologies to wider markets. As he says, ‘why should organisations and their teams miss out on better work lives because we’ve not bothered to tell them that there are more effective ways of doing things?' Which makes Alan and Octiga a natural fit.

Alan’s scaled several tech organisations as either a consultant or employee, winning deals ranging from £20K to £multi-millions. He’s held Director level roles with G2 Data Dynamics (now VMLY&R), Acxiom, Indicia Worldwide, Bray Leino and is a Fellow of the Institute of Direct and Digital marketing.

Alan lives in the UK, is a cyclist, and re-builds classic British convertibles. This makes him deeply jealous of the weather enjoyed by some of our other team members!

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