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Securing Everything in Office 365
In clicks, not weeks

Coherent Security Posture Automation
for Office 365

Are You?

Octiga has transformed how we assist our Office 365 dependent clients. Now, we can monitor and react to risky activity and report and remediate for best practice configurations tailored to each client's unique business.
It just works. This is a game-changer for us. It has helped us close the gaps where security breaches can occur for our clients. It has saved me so much stress and time. Everyone should be using it.

   Security Posture Automation for O365

   Applies Coherent Best Practice Security Posture baselines through Automation.
   Instant corporate wide security for config, users, azureAD groups, mailboxes, teams, sharepoint, intune and everything 365.

Threat Anomaly Visibility and Remediation

view and automatically remediate global security posture deviations and unknown threats  
Visibility and remediation of internal and external threats and changes as they occur.  

Security Alerts

   Instant notification of admin and user changes that create risk
   Reduce Alert Fatigue with Continuous Audits and Proof of Compliance for least ongoing maintenance.

Instant O365 security posture deployment

Make changes  corporate wide in clicks,
not weeks
Instantly make security changes with the confidence that they are deployed in seconds.

   Universal Risk and Threat Dashboard

   Monitor Breaches, risky User activity and Config changes in one place
   One dashboard to view all
O365 security concerns.

O365 Best Practice Templates and Wizards

Quickly and easily select and deploy best practice tailored for your organisation
Expedite baseline security configurations to establish, deliver and repeat Best practice.

   One click SaaS Onboarding

   connect O365 and Scan for risks and breaches in one click
   Quickly and easily onboard to discover corporate-wide security gaps across config, users, azureAD groups, mailboxes, teams, SharePoint, intune and everything 365.

CIS Office 365 Benchmarking

Achieve up to 90% of CIS benchmark in a day
Prove and maintain compliance instantly against CIS recognised framework benchmark for O365 with ongoing ratification .

   Legacy Breach Detection

   Detects breaches, risks and security gaps that already exist
   Identify Breaches Retrospectively and prior to connecting Octiga.

How we differ?

There are many great security features in Office 365,

However maintaining a coherent security posture, whether you use these tools or not, requires constant attention, diligence, and knowledge.
Office 365
Best Practice Templates and Wizards
Posture Remediation
Unified Posture Gaps and Threats Visibility
Posture Alerts
Breach Monitoring
Requires Sentinel / Cloud App Security Setup
Find Legacy Breaches
Requires Manual Hunting
Posture Maintenance and Monitoring
Available Through MSP, MSSPs and Consultants
Breaches going unnoticed
10% breaches are found within days of the breach.
Continuous Monitoring and Alerting uncovers breaches as they occur
Cost of invoice fraud
47% of businesses have received a fraudulent or suspicious invoice in the past year
Threat intelligence can detect account breaches and the rerouting of mail and other man in the middle attacks
Internal Threats
58% of threats are internal
Solutions which focus on phishing and malware do little to reduce insider threats.  Full breach protection is required
43% of data breach victims are small businesses
Simple easy to understand interface guides you to a security that matches your business

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Get Customised Security Posture Templates Tailored to your Needs - Join our Early Adopter Program