10 Steps to Avoid Breaches and Data Leaks in Office 365


Why Octiga 
Microsoft365 Security Suite? 

At Octiga we have recognised the need for affordable and automated cybersecurity for SME’s.  The product addresses Microsoft 365 (Office 365), which is at the heart of the business, yet where most of the risks reside.  The product is automated, integrates directly online with a customer’s Microsoft 365 and requires no technical expertise.   

The product consists of 3 features, which combined, complete a holistic approach to cyber security in Microsoft 365.  These features are:  
  • Prevention of breaches and enhanced compliance through guided configuration.

  • Monitoring, Detection, Alerting and Remediation of risks and incidents.

  • Recovery and Remediation from breached accounts.

Our Product

Our product is fully cloud-based.  Just sign in online in a browser using your Microsoft 365 account.  From there, you can use the following features to complete your security journey. 

Octiga Recover 

Know or suspect you have a compromised account?
Automatically remediate by removing unauthorised access and returning to safe and secure operation. You can optionally perform further hardening to prevent a repeat.

Octiga Detect 

Be warned the moment potential risks and incidents occur.   
Focus on core activities and let Octiga alert you of unauthorised or suspicious access or risky account configuration changes that undermine your Microsoft 365 security and safety. Your business is dynamic and evolves. Users come and go. Octiga monitors continuously and will notify you of potential risks and incidents and bring you to a dashboard to immediately respond and correct, so you can go back to your job of running your business. 

Octiga Prevent 

Need to tighten your Microsoft 365 security?  Highlight issues and bring you to best practice? 
Scan your entire Microsoft 365 instance, highlight issues and guide you through a series of best practices to achieve safe and secure operation. It addresses not just safe configuration but also safe user account access and management, sharing, and all the other potential weaknesses that you may not be aware exist. 

One-click Sign up and Connect. 

One-click takes you from our sign-up page using Microsoft 365 login credentials.  This both authenticates you and authorises/connects Octiga with your 365 tenant.  The only requirement is that an administrator must complete the initial sign-up/connect.  The App can be removed from your 365 tenant at any time using your Azure Portal. 


The solution is fully cloud-based (SaaS) connecting directly to and serving clients who use Microsoft 365 in the cloud.  Using the solution requires no local installations.   

Minimum Requirements: 
  • Any modern internet browser.  NB This does not include Internet Explorer.

  • A Business or Enterprise plan of Microsoft 365.

  • Exchange Online.

  • Azure Active Directory Free Plan or above (Azure AD is standard with 365 plans).

  • An administrative account for initial setup.

Optional Requirements :

(These will be monitored/configured if available): 

  • SharePoint Online 

  • Teams

  • OneDrive

  • Azure AD Premium P1/P2

  • Advanced Threat Protection

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10 Steps to Avoid Breaches and Data Leaks in Office 365