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We are building an innovative security posture management tool and want to hone it & tailor it to YOUR needs.
We are building an innovative security posture toolandwant to hone it & tailor it to YOUR needs.

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What is security posture automation for Office 365?

Octiga’s novel technology that allows you to configure Office 365 security best practices for your organisation and its employees in a few simple clicks
It applies coherent best practice security posture through automation resulting in instant corporate-wide security for config, users, AzureAd groups, Mailboxes, Teams, SharePoint, Intune etc.
Adaptable to any configuration need, it covers Office 365 Azure Security, OneDrive security, Office 365 security and compliance, Office 365 SharePoint security, Office 365 Mailbox security, Microsoft Intune security and more

What you have to do?

Share with us some configuration examples, security scenarios, and end-user security pains that we can point this Office 365 configuration tool at.

What you’ll get in return?

Tailored Office 365 best practices security templates and wizard to expedite baseline security configurations to establish, deliver and repeat best practice
A chance to improve the configuration engine to suit your needs