Office 365 Threat Intelligence Dashboard

Threat Anomaly Visibility & Remediation within a few Clicks

Being an MSP means juggling protecting people, data, brand, devices and reputation. With so much going on, Office 365 threat management becomes hard. What you need is a standalone advanced threat detection and response that continuously audits, identifies and remediates risks before they become breaches. Octiga views and automatically remediates global security posture deviations and unknown threats within a few seconds.


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Octiga Office 365 Security Automation

️A coherent security approach
Handles multiple clients quickly and consistently
Handles multiple clients quickly and consistently
️Enables you to Prove compliance
Finds and warns about breaches early
Finds and warns about breaches early
Gives complete real-time visibility and remediation of internal & external threats
Monitors breaches, risky user activity and config changes in one place
Has one dashboard to remediate all O365 security concerns
Delivers threat remediation within seconds


Breaches going unnoticed
10% breaches are found within days of the breach.
Continuous Monitoring and Alerting uncovers breaches as they occur


Cost of invoice fraud
47% of businesses have received a fraudulent or suspicious invoice in the past year
Threat intelligence can detect account breaches and the rerouting of mail and other man in the middle attacks


Internal Threats
58% of threats are internal
Solutions which focus on phishing and malware do little to reduce insider threats.  Full breach protection is required


43% of data breach victims are small businesses
Simple easy to understand interface guides you to a security that matches your business