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It just works. This is a game-changer for us. It has helped us close the gaps where security breaches can occur for our clients. It has saved me so much stress and time. Everyone should be using it.

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Finding a product that genuinely excites and makes you happy is rare, so I want to share my experience with Octiga.

WOW where do I start. First things first, this is a game changer for us.

Seamless integration to O365.

Monitors geographical logins, able to set map-based boundaries for safe zones, get email notifications.

Warnings and alerts based on user activity and certain triggers that you can configure

Template baselines have baselines that CIPP either doesn't have or can be unreliable on (I do love CIPP and feel Octiga works well in conjunction).

Works on all O365 licence types. Single pane of glass to monitor all clients' alerts

Support has been responsive and talks to you like a human who actually wants to help

As a fast-growing MSP with users with mixed licencing, Octiga has been absolutely fantastic for us, providing CONFIDENCE that we have a system watching for suspicious activity even on basic/standard O365 licences. So I recommend using this even if you are on MS Premium, E+ etc.

If you are on the fence or need to learn what Octiga is, I can personally recommend the product.

Octiga has transformed how we assist our Office 365 dependent clients… Now, we can monitor and react to risky activity and report and remediate for best practice configurations tailored to each client's unique business.

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As a result of many organizations not having the technical capacity to understand, implement and monitor their environment, we generally became aware of unauthorized access or a breach only when we recognized a tangible symptom. Often, this would be in the form of an inadvertent/fraudulent ACH or wire transfer or some similarly adverse action.

During those scenarios previously, it may have taken hours to react to potential breaches and subsequently identify, audit, report, and remediate critical cybersecurity issues. Now, in Octiga deployed clients, we can do it in minutes! In fact, we have deployed Octiga as part of our Attack Analysis service, grabbed the logs that were still available and gained an understanding of the nature of a breach, identified targeted users, and which systems and files were accessed, aiding in developing a strategy for the client to understand the vulnerability within their deployment and remediate flaws.

Our clients increasingly present us with a set of diverse information security demands and challenges. Now, we can monitor and react to risky activity and report and remediate for best practice configurations tailored to each client's unique business—with one tool. Onboarding takes only a few minutes, and the continuous risk analysis worked immediately!   We performed an attack analysis and recommended remediation for a new client in one instance. By employing the Octiga platform to help identify malicious activity, recognize access control manipulations, pinpoint breached data, and identify targeted users, we could draw response conclusions in a fraction of the time it usually might take.  

Our resulting analysis offered precision and clarity about the client's very confusing and threatening situation. Along with helping us define potential remediation solutions, Octiga enabled us to compile and present a much more visually engaging client report. As a result, this client's understanding of the situation and confidence in our response was apparent. Accordingly, they quickly adopted critical information security best practices that had been previously rejected by senior management.

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Enhance your service offering with Octiga Microsoft 365 Security Suite for your clients. Ensure maximum coverage and Priortise actions using the Multi-Tenancy Dashboard.

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We are a SaaS through and through. Easy onboarding and rapid service.

Prioritise Preventative, Compliance and Remediation Activities

Onboard all your clients to our multi-tenancy dashboard. Priortise activities that seamlessly support your workflows. Tailor alerting to notify service personnel only when required.

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Get Customised Security Posture Templates Tailored to your Needs - Join our Early Adopter Program