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We seek cloud security enthusiasts who want to improve security posture & deliver Office 365 security best practices consistently and continuously without manual cranking! 
We are building an innovative security posture toolandwant to hone it & tailor it to YOUR needs.

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What it is?

Security posture = Config, Activity and Access of a Business and their employees through O365
Maintain and improve security posture by Managing, Monitoring and Alerting deviation on ANY configuration / activity in O365 (and beyond, e.g. Azure, SharePoint etc.)
It is quick in configuring and managing office 365 security to a given configuration need

What you have to do?

Share with us some Office 365 configuration examples, security scenarios, and end-user security pains that we can point this at.

What you’ll get in return?

Tailored security baselines templates to monitor posture
A chance to improve the configuration engine to suit your needs