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Who we are

About octiga

Octiga is an Irish Office 365 security automation service born out of Galway, in the beautiful west of Ireland. We love Galway.  It is the European Capital of Culture 2020.  It was also named recently in the top 10 places to visit in 2020 and one of the best destinations for foodies. Home to a vibrant tech hub, Galway flaunts the beautiful Wild Atlantic Way right on its doorstep.

Our Background

Octiga is a Galway based SaaS company that offers automated security for managed Office 365 Clients. It all started in late 2018 when cybersecurity expert Sash Vasilevski and software enterprise development maestro Dr Rob McFeely decided to bring together over a decade of experience and knowledge to build a cloud-based security platform, Octiga. It was built with a vision to automate cybersecurity with an end goal of securing small and medium enterprises. After two years, they grew into a small, dedicated software team. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to disrupt multi-client security management in Office 365 through our resource efficient solutions. Octiga aims to leverage its guided cloud security as a service to simplify the security journey for both users and organisations. Our solution even allows non-expert clients to secure themselves within clicks, monitor for continued security, and recover when breaches inevitably occur. Threats come in many shapes and sizes and are spread across the client's portfolio. However, only a few fundamental touches are required in each area to massively reduce risk exposure. Thus, applying a comprehensive approach to; the systems, processes, and people that comprise your business.

Our Services

At Octiga, we have recognised the need for affordable and automated cybersecurity for individuals and organisations. Our service is an easy to use, SaaS security platform that gives clients confidence and tooling to apply and maintain complex security configurations. We empower users to achieve robust, automated yet affordable cyber security. The product addresses security issues in Office 365, which is at the heart of the business, yet where most of the risks reside. It is automated, integrates directly online with a customer's Office 365 and requires no technical expertise. It consists of three security solutions that complete a holistic approach to cybersecurity in Microsoft Office 365. They cover prevention of breaches, detection of risks & incidents and recovery of breached accounts. Learn in detail about these solutions here.

Our Leadership

Founder: Dr Rob McFeely

Co-founder and Product Director, Dr Robert McFeely is a Donegal native but now calls Galway his home. He brings 9 years of (enterprise) software development experience. This includes 5 years at Hewlett Packard, and 4 years leading software teams bringing new enterprise platforms to market at Bluetree Sytems and the Postgraduate Application Centre. Before his enterprise experience, Robert completed a PhD in Image Processing and B Eng. in Computer and Electronic Engineering from NUIG.

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Founder: Sash Vasilevski

Sash Vasilevski, brings over 15 years of experience in information security including running a successful cyber security consultancy in Sydney, Australia.

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