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Octiga Microsoft 365 security
Case Studies

Octiga Microsoft 365 security is used by hundreds of MSPs to automate Microsoft 365 security for thousands SMEs/clients.

We interviewed MSPs in the USA, Ireland, UK, Australia and beyond to find out how their day to day working lives have changed for the better since they adopted Octiga to automate multi-tenant Microsoft 365 security. Here’s what they said (2024 interviews):

Kirk ISSCayman Islands  flag

Enables you to see that everything is exactly as you'd want it to be.

Kirk ISS provides world Class IT Support in the Cayman Islands.

Outcomes Kirk ISS report from adopting Octiga:

Gives us a single pane of glass view into all clients.

Backdoor access into M365 to set-up conditional access policies without the risk of lock out.

A clear overview that allows us to give more attention to each client.

Cuts support time. 3-4 hours M365 security work can be accomplished in 10 minutes.

Octiga's dashboard view enables you to see that everything is exactly as you'd want it to be.

“It's saved hundreds of hours of work because we can set one baseline standard for all clients.’’

Michael McNair
Microsoft Engineer​, Kirk ISS
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Connected RightUSA flag

Simplified Multi-Tenant Microsoft 365 security alert management.

Connected Right provides small and medium businesses connected technology management to secure and optimize their business networks.

Outcomes Connected Right report from adopting Octiga:

The ability to drill down in a nice easy way without having to log into each individual tenant.

Octiga cuts through the noise, removes false positives, alerts Connected Right to situations that really do need attention.

Octiga's interface is simple. It's not confusing for someone who is a little less technical, for example a junior analyst.

“Octiga's a very inexpensive way to accurately manage your customers' M365 security postures. I've referred Octiga to several other MSPs.’’

Paul Strayhorn
Owner, Connected Right
Intuity TechnnologiesIreland flag

Breaches caught in minutes, not weeks.

Intuity Technologies manage all or elements of IT infrastructure, so clients don’t need to worry about performance, security or downtime issues.

Outcomes Intuity Technologies report from adopting Octiga:

Integration between Octiga and Autotask allows fast ticket triage. Breaches are caught in minutes, not weeks.

Whitelisting specific countries for customers that we know travel to them regularly.

Baseline templates are very useful when onboarding new clients. They immediately highlight risks.

“Octiga's very simple to use and it's easy to enroll a new tenant. Onboarding and integration with our other systems has been excellent.’’

Cormac De Roiste
Senior Service Desk Engineer​, Intuity Technologies

Rapidly onboard new Microsoft 365 security clients to a minimum baseline.

RDCS provides best-in=class IT support services, with a focus upon cyber security.

Outcomes RDCS report from adopting Octiga:

Rapid onboarding of new clients to a standard baseline.

Immediate identification of security issues affecting new clients (such as missing MFAs).

Easy to demonstrate to clients that their business is secure by using Octiga’s security reports at QBRs.

Huge time savings. Baseline application that would have taken an hour or two takes five minutes with Octiga.

“Octiga’s name came up again and again on Reddit. We tried the trial system and loved it.’’

Samantha Motz
Operations Manager & Network Engineer, RDCS
RHI ConsultingAustralia flag

Breaches caught in minutes, not weeks.

RHO Consulting provides tailored information technology solutions for modern business.

Outcomes RHO Consulting report from adopting Octiga:

Baseline security hardening for multi-tenant Microsoft 365 security clients.

Fast identification of overseas logins and the ability to clarify staff travel.

Oversight of changes to baselines and suspicious behaviour.

“Octiga gives me confidence that I’m addressing deficiencies in default Microsoft 365 security settings’’

Peter Naylor
Owner, RHO Consulting
Blue RidgeUSA flag

Across MSP team confidence that Microsoft 365 security is effective.

Blue Ridge Technology is an Asheville IT support company that is proactive and reliable.

Outcomes Blue Ridge Technology report from adopting Octiga:

Baseline templates enable alignment of Microsoft 365 security postures across all tenants.

Takes the guess work out of Microsoft 365 security set-up.

Provides a central interface covering baseline setups for all tenants.

You don't have to login into each tenant to see if their security is deviant.

“Microsoft secure score doesn't help the team manage tenants' security; Octiga's red flag system does. I can't justify NOT having Octiga.’’

Zack Calloway
IT Technician, Blue Ridge Technology
Origin ITAustralia flag

Affordable Microsoft 365 security excellence for even the smallest clients.

Origin IT provides experience client-centered IT support that truly cares.

Outcomes Origin IT report from adopting Octiga:

Helps to standardize Microsoft 365 security across multiple clients.

One pane of glass for a whole bunch of Microsoft 365 security settings and alerts.

Price is excellent - it's cheaper than competitors.

Works well and is affordable for even the smallest clients.

“Octiga gives us a calm efficiency - we know that we're on top of Microsoft 365 security.’’

Marc Pinto
Director, Origin IT
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