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Why Automate?

Automation in Office 365 security management. Catch a breath without jeopardising client security

SaaS Security Simplified

Octiga simplifies SaaS protection for Microsoft Office 365 configuration, navigation, control, visibility, and remediation. Onboard in 1 click and in 30 seconds. Identify gaps and analyse breaches with confidence.

Repeatable Office 365 Best Practice Security

Deploy Best Practice Security Baselines from templates. Create your own templates. Re-use baselines templates across users, groups and tenants in an instant. Get Microsoft Office 365 desired state configuration in seconds.

Timely Threat Monitoring & Alerting

Monitoring, targeted and tailored alerts and a single pane Microsoft 365 security dashboard bring the right people to most pressing issues in a instant.

Continuous Security Posture Monitoring

Your business changes daily. User activity and external actions necessitate continuous monitoring, and remediation of your IT security posture, with ease.  

For the Service Provider?

Multi-tenant Control, Visibility and Remediation for all your Clients

Maintaining configuration controls, gap and breach analysis and all other security posture concerns is tough in a tenant. With Microsoft Office 365 multi tenant administration for all clients its damn near impossible. Octiga covers this gap with its multi tenant SaaS solution.

Create Maintainable Repeatable Security Standards

Security Posture templates can be deployed, tested and reused against similar client industry verticals and profiles. Rationalise security deployments and get more done.

Deliver Consistent and Continuous Best Practice Security with Confidence

For those service providers who only monitor for external attacks and run once off audits, Octiga's Microsoft Office 365 security automation ensures every service provider can deliver consistent best practice continuously and ultimately a better service to clients.

Client Retention Requires Constant Attention

Octiga's security automation can deliver frequent reports showing posture maintenance, timely remediation and compliance proof.  Reduce churn and increase retention rates.

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