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Why M365 Security

Why Microsoft 365 cloud security is important, what it is missing and what we do to fix that

A Large Security and Compliance Risk Surface

If not configured, maintained and monitored correctly, Microsoft Office 365 security and compliance poses a significant risk to the business. It is because it’s intrinsically linked to your business, data and employees, devices, processes, email, sharing, data storage, remote access, and devices.

What is the impact?

Breaches, and risky activity, whether malicious or well-intentioned, internal or external, must be continuously monitored, reported, and remediated in an efficient and effective manner.

This is notoriously difficult

  • Difficult to know what to configure
  • Hard to match your unique business needs
  • Difficult to Navigate
  • Hard to control
  • Hard to get full oversight
  • Difficult to extract relevant reporting
  • Time Consuming
  • Almost impossible to stay on top of it continuously as business evolves

Benefit from M365 Security Capabilities

Security capabilities are different to a security posture. A posture is about how you get continuous visibility and tailored management over Microsoft Office 365 security capabilities, configurations, gaps, activity, breaches and everything 365. With best practice

In one click

Octiga is not just a security solution. It is about easily maintaining a security posture, in the face of ongoing business changes, on a continuous basis. Octiga unlock M365 security capabilities.

Achieve Rapid Microsoft Office 365 Compliance

M365 necessitates compliance and a need for coherent security posture. Achieving the M365 CIS (Centre for Information Security) benchmark is easy with Octiga, delivering the majority of the 80 controls that need to be set monitored and maintained in order to meet and prove CIS compliance.

CIS M365 Benchmark

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Get Customised Security Posture Templates Tailored to your Needs - Join our Early Adopter Program