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Octiga Vs Flying Solo with Office 365 Security for MSPs

For someone who interacts with managed service providers daily, I am often asked to highlight the differences between our Office 365 security app Octiga and a SIEM that provides similar functionality OR a Microsoft native tool such as Secure Score.  

I thought, why not create an informative piece for our users who wish to understand Octiga services better?  

Many of our users compare us with Microsoft. I am a big fan of Microsoft security tools myself, and I want to emphasise that Octiga is not a replacement for Microsoft security. On the contrary, we manage Office365 security to make its deliverability much easier.  

So as opposed to showing the differences between them and us, I thought it would be helpful if I gave you rational points on how switching to Octiga can reduce your workload substantially, help you scale smoothly with clients and give your organisation enough time to focus on running your business.  

Octiga Office 365 Security Automation for Different Business Needs

Multi-tenant Posture Control Takes Too Long!  

One of the biggest problems faced by MSP businesses is keeping up with the demand to scale for more profitability. MSPs tell us that whether it is scripting, going into different environments to handle breaches, or configuring the security controls, it just takes TOO LONG! Multi-tenant posture control and implementing best practice security for each client is time-consuming. Period.

In addition, doing it yourself, even if you had the time, raises the problem of ensuring consistency across multiple tenants.

Single-tenant Security with Microsoft Secure Score  

The Secure Score is a super awesome tool for admins, especially for small IT owners who do not know where to begin. Even having a to-do list is a huge help. Secure Score is pretty good in terms of describing what to do specifically with their notes and links. No problems there. However.....

You Can’t Win the Game with Secure Score

Interestingly, the Secure Score game makes you go chasing a perfect score. A score that only budges if you spend on a bunch of additional Microsoft tools or move your subscription to E5. That’s another way of saying that M365 security will make you pay through the nose.  
Another concern with Secure Score is that it is not optimal for REAL businesses. It doesn’t account for exceptional circumstances that actual businesses have (we have covered that in the video below). Unavoidable business needs, for example, service-user third-party applications, make it impossible to get a full score.  

Also, Secure Score doesn’t alert you as the score deviates over time, and the remediation is manual and time-consuming.

Comparing Octiga to Other Office 365 Security Options

At Octiga, we firmly believe that M365 Security should not have to be a privilege at the Enterprise level. Small MSPs, MSSPs and IT consultants should equally have the opportunity to deliver complete Office 365 security to their clients at affordable prices with complete confidence. With Octiga, you can rest fully assured that your clients are safe-    

  1. Without Spending thousands of dollars on fancy security tools  
  1. Without having expert knowledge of best practices  
  1. Without drowning in a torrent of alerts with zero prioritisation  
  1. Without spending hours in complicated configurations  
  1. Without doing un-remediated ad-hoc security audits    
  1. Without having many expert employees at hand  

For single-tenant security, while overcoming the M365 security problem for MSPs, Octiga also (in some areas) acts like an alternative security control where a security license doesn’t exist. You can enjoy some of the premium features without bumping up your licenses. For example, we offer geo-awareness alerting and per-user baselines to fill in the security needs without additional pricing.

If you think a tool like Octiga can allow you to catch your breath without jeopardising your client security or explore how Octiga can fit your business needs, book a no-strings-attached chat with us here.

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