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How to Achieve Desired State Configuration without Managing PowerShell Code

Desired State Configuration is a powerful management capability, however, it comes with its own set of challenges. Learn the obstacles in DSC and how to overcome these with Octiga's SaaS automation engine.

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Cyber Security Approach for SMEs

Cybersecurity is essential, but does it always have to be expensive? Find out these helpful cybersecurity tips for the workplace in SMEs and other organisations.

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Top 4 Security Pain Points in Office 365 and their Solutions

Office 365 configurations come with a learning curve, and implementing these security features can be a tedious task, especially for non-experts. Here's an article discussing the top Office 365 security pain points with practical mitigation solutions.

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How were we Hacked? Part 2

To protect your business from a possible breach, you need to understand why do hackers hack email accounts? Here is list of top reasons.

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How were we Hacked? Part 1

Do words like password spraying, phishing, credential stuffing make you feel vulnerable? Get into the mind of your hacker and understand how hackers hack passwords.

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