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Deliver Continuously, Deliver Consistently

"Saves us days of manual cranking each month"

Applied automatically, monitored automatically and maintained automatically
across ALL your clients

Internal Cost Savings

25 x Client MSP - How much can you save?


3 days of manual work per month

£600 / month


4 hours remediating only alerted deviations, risks and potential breaches

£100 / month


Reduced Manual Effort

£500 / month

Total Saving

Including opportunity cost

£1000 / month
£12000 / year
Reduce manual cranking  

Clients tell us that the all-in-one continuous posture monitoring and breach detection solution saves them hugely on repeating costs.  

Opportunity Cost

MSPs tell us they are BUSY.  They want to focus on proactive client opportunities rather than re-active fire fighting

Additional Revenue

With extremely competitive pricing, the Octiga solution provides tangible value and service enhancements to clients
Client Stickiness/Service value

MSP churn rate is about 7%, with 95% of clients moving because they are unhappy with the service.  Continuous compliance Proof, and tailored security posture automation all create continuous service audit and visibility leading to increased stickiness.  

Cost of a Breach

Many reports will tell you its about £2.9 Million or $3.6Million. Whatever figure you choose to believe I’m sure we can agree

  • It’s very large.
  • Possibly a business ending event.
  • You won’t be thanked.

Confidence to Deliver a Best Practice Security Service

  • Best– Practice Templates from Octiga’s wealth of knowledge
  • Consistency of service through confident re-usability
  • Maintainability and reduced friction deploying and re-deploying across multiple tenants.
  • Maintainability, over time, in the face of client and security practice evolution

Save Time and Resources

  • Reduce Manual Work - Even small MSPs spend thousands every month on repetitive manual posture checking
  • Opportunity Cost - Deliver a better service with less work through automation
  • Highly repeatable - Templating and All-in-one Dashboard do NOT mean the more tenants you have the more you save
  • Easily Upgrade - Don’t be afraid of frequent updating clients.  Just update your templates…  Done!

Higher Retention

  • Higher client retention through reporting on the baseline compliance journey
  • Service value proof - Stay on top of client changes/evolution WITHOUT high touch costs
  • Co-managed - focused remediation by the people with the knowledge to make the decision

Recurring License Margin

  • Continuous Security Posture.  Monitored baselines provide a means of continuous audit at no cost
  • Be first to see a breach - Call your client when there is a breach, don't let them call you
  • Continuously Prove service value to client buyers - Compliance Reporting and compliance proof and audit

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Get Customised Security Posture Templates Tailored to your Needs - Join our Early Adopter Program